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Digital business

we invest in & create digital businesses with focus in b2b models


We're a Portuguese company incubator of Digital Marketing Businesses

what's our focus?

This structure made by people and procedures was built having in mind just simple objectives:

  • Empower Ideas and Entrepreneurs into Create Value
  • Turn Ideas into Real Businesses
  • Investing and Creating Businesses that focus in Bringing Digital Technologies to SMB's
  • Inbound Marketing done right to SMB's

Our goals

    Segmented Marketing Services 60%

    Inbound Marketing Strategies for Businesses 80%

    Integration Technologies 45%

    Social Platform Engage Systems 65%

smb's into digital


These are the Business Models and Targets we Support


We hire and invest in knowledge and expertise to provide our projects the best success chances.

smb's growth

Creating Digital Platforms that explore and make SMB's having real ROI from their efforts.


All our projects focus on the very latest technology in their fields.


We live in a global world that needs a global awareness about sustainability in business.

UX - intense

The focus is always on the User and how to make their life easier.

social awareness

We live in a Social Business World and our projects always reflect that focus.

here's to the crazy ones...


We're always open to ear from you...

reach us

All of our team has a culture of reaching out and discuss ideas with several sources and partners. If you have new ideas, want to make a partnership or just have a great idea to develop, you can always reach us and will be answered ASAP. ;)